Good dragons under the control of bad people, do bad things (x)

In regards to the hd leak: YES I will be giffing it. I have the movie pre-ordered so I am going to be paying for it and supporting dreamworks. Please don’t send me flack for doing something I enjoy and you all seem to enjoy, too. Thank you! c:

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Hiccup’s gorgeous eyes (x)

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Hey, all! Just letting you know that requests are currently CLOSED. I just moved in to my college dorm today (i’m studying illustration and animation) and I’ve got a lot my plate! I have some gifsets and requests in my drafts, so I’ll post when I have time! Thanks! c:

Also you can also check out my personal account which I’ll probably be more active on for the time being. That’s all for now!

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Why would Pitch take the teeth? (x)

 The Peg Leg: Then and Now (x)

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Dragons of Berk (x)

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Anonymous: "OMG your blog is stunning, I just LOVE it! Thanks for uploading such wonderful things! Where did you find such HD quality screencaps of HTTYD2 yet?!"

Awww, thank you for saying so! I love making stuff and there’s much more to come, I can promise that! c: And you can read where I get my caps here.

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Random How to Train Your Dragon 2 Caps

37 of ?



A successful first flight (x)

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Hiccup feeding the hungry Terror (x)

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