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Random How to Train Your Dragon 2 Caps

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Anonymous: "I'm sure you've been asked this many times already but just like everyone else I'm curious. How on earth did you get the movie in HD quality when it doesn't come out until Nov.11th in most places. If you get a spare moment I'd love to know. Thanks for your time. c:"

Hi there! It was somehow leaked by someone. To be honest I have no idea how they got it originally, but they put it to torrent sites and now folks are downloading it. Hope that informs ya! <:

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Anonymous: "I unfollow you, for sharing links of the pirated version of HTTYD2 and supporting it"

Well, alrighty then. It’s your decision. I’m only sharing because people are asking, and I wanna be polite. Plus, I have the movie pre-ordered and I saw it in theaters 3 times, so DreamWorks has gotten plenty of my money.

Now, just so you know, literally almost every gif you see on tumblr is from something pirated (how do you think anyone gifs the first movie?), and this is in no way a new occurrence that has just happened with this film. Us making gifs of it is not sucking money away from DreamWorks with each set we post. If anything, it makes people wanna see the film. I personally make gifs to relax, and all ya’ll comin at me because I’m making them need to get off your high horse and accept that people aren’t going to stop just because you send in an ask or make a post. 

Pirating happens, and it happened with httyd 2. Plain and simple.



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Anonymous: "Hi! what exactly did you do on that website to download httyd 2? there's kind of a lot of options to choose haha"

Click the big ‘Download Torrent’  button at the top c: And make sure you have a torrent program like uTorrent or BitTorrent!

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Gifset highlighting the blue in Astrid and Stormfly (x)

Requested by Anonymous

Anonymous: "Can you post the link to httyd2?"
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jsyk that the whole torrent leaking thing happens literally with every movie

its not new, and people who make gifsets of those torrents aren’t bad people

ya’ll need to chill

Anonymous: "Hey I was just wondering if you reblog and post torrented httyd2 gifs? I wont unfollow you, I just won't reblog your posts if they don't have a source until November when the film comes out."

I don’t reblog posts, but I make them. The httyd 2 version I have is torrented, but I have the film pre-ordered and will be paying dreamworks. c: Regardless, I’ll tag my new httyd2 gifs ‘torrent version’ until November.

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